Ground Turkey and Pepper Skillet


So I’ve been trying to jump on board the meal planning train, and it’s actually going really well. I figured I’d do a few posts about things that I’ve done, but I think it’s important to introduce a few things that determine how/when I make the meals.

I only get paid once per month, on the last business day of the month. This was suuuuper annoying when I first started my job, but I’ve gotten really good at planning and budgeting for the most part now. So at the beginning of the month, I buy all my bulk stuff for the month, and make a ton of freezer and crockpot meals. I still end up going grocery shopping once per week for the rest of the month, but for a smaller amount of things.

This month I seriously went all out. I’ll do a post about that next, but the real guiding force for this post is that by the end of a month, before my shopping spree (and paycheck), I’m getting pretty desperate trying to scrape together meals. And with the hectic-ness of life lately, quick is also the way to go.

I usually have one type of protein left at the end of the month- at the end of February, all I had left was ground turkey. I nearly always make this Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato skillet from Primavera Kitchen as my go-to… but, mortifyingly, I had neither sweet potatoes nor mozzarella cheese in the house. Actually, the last bit of mozz cheese ended up in a corner of the fridge and went bad, which led to a pretty funny text that I sent to Wes. He randomly showed me this screenshot without knowing I was writing this, which is really weird and sometimes we freak ourselves out with how we do that kind of thing, but anyways, here it is.


So, this led to a need to branch out. And, it also led to me sort of developing my first recipe. I ALWAYS wonder “how do these people come up with this” when searching recipes on Pinterest, so it’s great to be in the group of people that actually made something! But of course, I didn’t get any photos during the process, so I’m kicking myself now. Part of the “new blog” learning process, I guess!

So, here’s my “ground turkey and pepper skillet” which is based on One Pot Wonder Stuffed Pepper Skillet from The Wholesome Dish. I thought there were enough major differences to warrant my own recipe. recipe new

If you make this, pleeeaaaase let me know how it goes! And make sure to follow @BLikeBarley on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!