Building like what?

Breaking down what’s to come

Wow, I’m a liar. To say this year has FLOWN BY is an understatement. So obviously, I have not kept up with posting. So I’ll really try this time…? Yeah, I will. I promise! I’ll make some posts about our trips, what I packed, what we want to bring next time that we did not bring this time, etc. I figure since “third time’s the charm” in getting this thing started, I’ll use this as an introductory post into who we are, and what sort of things you can expect to see from this blog!

Barley: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

First thing’s first: Building Like Barley. Name of the blog, named after a dog. Aka Señor Barlos, Sir Barlington, BAR!, BarButt. To see so much personality in such a small package is truly incredible.

Barley is about 16lbs (he’s put on some winter weight) but thinks he’s closer to 150. Continue reading “Building like what?”


Aaaand here we go (for real this time!)

Soooo things picked up like crazy, and needless to say, I have not been as “on top of this” as I’d originally hoped! Since my last post: Wes and I have moved in to a new apartment together in Kittery, Maine. We had our biggest fundraiser of the year for Lucy’s Love Bus! I went to Israel, had a few more Love Bus events… and all of a sudden, here we are, at the end of May! Whew.

So, I guess first thing’s first: we have an awesome new apartment! It was a total mess for the first month and week we lived here, and then all of a sudden, my mom was coming up North from Baltimore with her friends, and was coming to visit! Mother’s Day weekend was like a whirlwind of trying to pretend like we’d actually had our sh*t together the whole time we lived here. I hung up all the decorations, unpacked and put things away, and we made SEVEN trips to Goodwill and Salvation Army to donate alllll of the things that we didn’t need!

The great thing about our new place is it’s a great size for us– it’s a “one bedroom,” but there isn’t a door, so it’s kind of a studio? But it’s just big enough to be a perfect stepping stone to tiny house living. We’re sharing one dresser and one closet. There’s no pantry, just a few kitchen cabinets that really are incredibly small and also falling apart. The apartment was an addition on the house when it was decided to be separated into apartments, so things are all kind of hodgepodge but pretty “Wes and Jackie” to be perfectly honest!

I was hoping to have photos for this post, but laundry (like life) just got away from us, and everything is a work in progress. June starts tomorrow, and I’m hoping to really try to turn over a new leaf and stick to a plan of posting at least once per week! A few other life changes on my end: I’m attempting to cut out all processed foods. Yikes. But the nice thing is that since I do most of the grocery shopping and all of the cooking for the most part, I’m hoping that with the method of only having “good” things in sight (with a few secret things stashed away for Wes) I’ll be able to control myself! I’m also hoping to work on training with Barley so that by the end of the summer, we’ll be 100% comfortable taking him off leash! He’s nuts, so who knows! (He’s running laps around the apartment at the moment, including underneath the bed. I’m thinking he might be going to daycare tomorrow…)

The hope with weekly posts is to update everyone on super great recipes that I’m doing, and a few DIY attempts I’m making around the apartment! Wes and I have our first trip of the summer to Acadia in 2 weeks, with this trip planned to ride bikes on the carriage roads! I’m aiming to take lots of pics for the blog and be regular about posting, because I’d love to turn this into a great resource for everyone interested in similar things, and also as a tool for reflection when life moves fast and to look back on, y’know, when we’re rich and famous and stuff 🙂

For my first “attempt” at this, before I sign off to focus on the umpteenth time I’m rewatching The Office (Jim just asked Pam out on a date! eeek, get me every time) this weekend was a crazy one, and Saturday started with an early morning jaunt to Portland, Maine (one hour north of us in Kittery, ME) to stop for donuts quickly at Holy Donuts (holy moly, worth the name… LIFE CHANGING) and then over to Allagash Brewing for a limited beer release! SO WORTH IT. We only ended up waiting in line for about half an hour but got there at a perfect time that we were about 70th and so made it for the 120 bottle release! Then, we swooped down to Smuttynose in Hampton, NH (30minutes south of our home) for yet another limited release, and were remarkably about 6th in line! Another great beer…. here’s a pic of the 4 beers together!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.55.06 PM

Ok… so this is the second post! Whew, it took forever to do and was kinda lame, but hey, I did it! Practice makes perfect, and expect to hear from me in the next week for an update on how June has started off, and the long-awaited explanation of what the heck this blog means!

And a few questions for all of you as I send this off: do you make a schedule to keep up with posting? Do you use an app/site like hootsuite to make sure everything is scheduled and goes out on time? Any tips to share to keep motivated?

Have a great first week of June… check in with you soon! xo

Here we go!

I have no idea how to start this blog. It’s my hope that one day, this blog will be as popular as the ones I follow. I tried to do some research to see how some of my favorite bloggers started their blogs. What was the topic of their first post? What captured the attention of the masses and helped them launch such inspiring and creative blogs that they turned it into a living?

But what I found is that getting all the way back to their first posts requires a lot of effort. They’ve published so many posts, and captured so many stunning images of their creations, or from their travels, or just of their lives in general that sifting back to the start would be a project in itself. I mean, just look at this list and get an idea of the competition out there– and these are just travel blogs.

The reality is that it takes hours and hours and hours of writing, editing words and images, and not to mention the hours of actual experience (traveling or baking or designing or building or ALL OF THE ABOVE) that was necessary to even create ONE POST for a blog in the first place! Liz at Young Adventuress and Kate at Relokate both lay down the truth about how to eventually turn travel blogging into a living– and how it takes a LOT of hard work and dedication behind the scenes to churn out blogs as awesome as theirs.

Buuuuut for now, I love my job and will stay there for a while, so I have some time to learn how to get this thing moving. But boy, do we have big plans! Here is what I hope this blog will document: our attempts at building our own tiny home, and our journey to visit all of the units of the National Park Service (that’s over 400 units, not just the 59 National Parks… yeah, I’m dating a crazy person). Those are the big-scale hopes for this blog (and our life in general); a little bit more realistically, I hope to start learning the ins and outs of blogging, to hone my ability to create graphics, to document my attempts at cooking (HA), and just have a good way to compile all types of adventures into one place.

There will be lots of traveling. There will be lots of eating. There will be lots of DOG PICTURES! So stay tuned. If you’re reading this, thanks for being there before we got famous– we won’t forget you!

And one thing I’ve already learned is that I’m supposed to ask a question at the end of the post! So, what was your first blog post about? What are some of the key things you’ve learned about blogging that you think I, a new blogger, should know?

Up next: what kind of name is that for a blog?